Monday, June 25, 2012

Avatar Day Cupcakes

Yesterday, Spousal Unit and I celebrated the third annual Avatar Day. Usually, we celebrate it the day before Father's Day, but we were out of town this year. We also usually have an ice cream cake, while we completely and guiltlessly gorge ourselves on a children's cartoon for hours on end. This year, we decided to try something different.*

I found a great recipe for cinnamon chocolate cake in Pillsbury's Healthy Baking cookbook, and I made cupcakes.

I totally love those little silicone muffin pan liners - they keep the pan clean, and the innards always slide out easily.

Next, I found a depiction of the four nations's symbols: Air, Water, Earth, and Fire.

After mixing up some buttercream frosting, I practiced drawing the symbol into it. Here, I practiced on an old plastic lid, drawing with a toothpick and straight food coloring. But it worked better to mix 1 teaspoon of frosting with one drop of food coloring - the toothpick just didn't soak it up well on its own. You could etch the symbol in with a dry toothpick first, then go back over it with the food coloring to make it easier.

I frosted the cupcakes one at a time, as it worked much better to paint the symbol on them when the frosting was wet. You can tell by looking at the Earth one that it was a bit drier by the time I did the outer design.

 I think the Fire cupcake totally turned out best. It may have been my imagination, but it was a bit spicier than the rest, too. These were the perfect companion as we glided through Book 1 of the series. My favorite episode? Totally The Blue Spirit.

Though in The Waterbending Scroll, Zuko's suave line, "I'll save you from the pirates" makes it a close second.

*By "we decided," I of course mean that Spousal Unit presented the Ultimate Betrayal by telling me he doesn't like ice cream cake, by which he supposedly means it "only makes him want real cake." This forced me into an existential crisis and made me question whether he was the same guy who said he would be my sweaty. Really, who doesn't like ice cream cake? Pretty much only the lactose intolerant.

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