Thursday, June 28, 2012

Disgruntled Letters Galore

Yesterday was a Day for me. No one particular thing went wrong, but little things compounded until I reached the boiling point and had a mini nuclear explosion. As a result, today my brain is a bit mutated from all of yesterday's radiation - my emotions have extra limbs, my thoughts are slightly warped, and my brain cells feel sterilized. (By that, I pretty much mean I can't think.)

As today promises to be much like yesterday was, I'm taking a few extra minutes for myself this morning. Enjoy these links to other people's disgruntledness.

- Rejection letters, including one from Disney about why they don't let "girls" draw.

- Complaint about terrible plane food, with some spectacular hyperbole

- Butts. Because they exist. (SFW)

- Letters to Santa. My favorite is the girl who wants to turn into a dragon.

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