Tuesday, June 12, 2012

More Wee Hats... With Wee Ears!

Remember those baby hats I made? Here are some more! These were made for a friend who doesn't know if they're having a girl child or a boy child, so I went for neutrals. Blue can totally be neutral - the orange here helps with that.

It drives me a little batty that colors are so attributed to gender - blue does not have to be just a boy color, and it is, in fact, my favorite. Pink does not have to be girly - it is, in fact, my least favorite color. I am all for boys wearing pink and girls wearing blue (or whatever colors they want).

I'm especially proud of this little bear hat.

I made the ears entirely from scratch! Spousal Unit said they look like mint Oreos (the inside of the ears is light green).

The bear hat is Gir's favorite, too.

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