Thursday, November 10, 2011

In Which I List Some Awesome Happenings

Several bits of awesome have happened lately. Here's how it went down.

I finally got myself an awesome pair of boots. These are the boots I've mentioned to you before: the ones I've been looking for over the course of several years. They finally had my size in at the website, My Hot Shoes. The sizing advice said this shoe runs true to size, so I got a 10.

They fit. I was amazed. And to top it all off, the top folds down, to cover the zippers. When I wear the boots with the tops down (I sound like a convertible), they don't catch on my fancy skirts.

These are my new favorite shoes ever. The only problem is the tread... or should I say lack of tread. The bottoms are completely smooth. I'll have to step carefully, go to a cobbler, or wear different shoes on icy days. Which would mean not wearing these boots all winter. (Like that would happen.)

Another recent bit of awesome is a candle Spousal Unit picked up at Target just before Halloween. It's a silver skull, advertised to bleed red out of the eyes when it burned down low. He was entranced; I was intrigued. It was worth the purchase. Every day he burned it, Spousal Unit said, "It's almost ready. It's going to bleed any minute now!"Before bleed

After bleed (on the right)

Another awesome thing was yesterday's weather. It snowed all day - without sticking to the ground, of course, but it was still beautiful and exciting. It's the first time in years that we've experienced the first Wisconsin snowfall of the season, so we were both pretty excited.

The moon was beautiful last night, too.

A final bit of awesome to share with you: we should find out today about getting an apartment of our own! It's got an unusual amount of red tape to wade through, but I think we've cut all the right tape in all the right places. With luck, we should be able to move in on Saturday.

We're thrilled. But I refuse to speak more of it, lest I jinx our chances.

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