Monday, November 14, 2011

A New Thing That We Bought

We have a new home!

So far, we're both very fond of it. We have a slightly larger one-bedroom, and the extra space was definitely worth it.

Unfortunately, none of that extra space was in the kitchen. But we'll make do.

The living room is spacious enough to have three separate lounging areas: one for watching TV and playing video games, one for sitting at a desk, and another space that is just full of boxes right now, but may become my knitting corner.

The door in the above picture leads to our super-tiny porch, which is just arge enough for two small foldy chairs. You know, the ones that you take on picnics with you and stuff. I can't remember what they're called. (You're smart; you know what chairs I mean, right? We'll have some of those someday.)

The bathroom is kind of obnoxious. Water pressure's kind of low, and the single switch in there turns on the fan and light simultaneously.

But we have a plethora of closet space, and the rooms we'll spend a significant time in are pretty spacious (except the kitchen).

Our bedroom will be very nice, once we have a bed. So... right now, it's just a room. Spousal Unit was very tired Saturday night, and he just laid on the floor when it was bedtime.
He didn't even move when I set up the air mattress.

We're excited to have our own space at last, and so far, it's been fun to set up and start decorating. Some of our things are still scattered about; for example, I think our hammer might be at Spousal Unit's parents's place. So yesterday, I used a shoe to hammer some stuff.

There's a lot to be done today. I'm off to make this place less cramped and more exciting.


  1. Wielding a shoe hammer = you are awesome.

  2. Yay, apartment!

    Reason #27 why this is a good thing: You now live that much closer to me.

    I'm so excited for you guys!

  3. Judging by the photo of Jay and mattress I'm guessing you can save on blankets.


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