Thursday, November 24, 2011

Things I Appreciate, Part the Second

Obviously, I appreciate crochet patterns for ridiculous hats, like this Sexy Turkey Hat on Ravelry (I kid you not, that's the name of the pattern).

Other things I've actively appreciated this week:

1. Phones. I've had mine for about four years. It's missing a button, and it always cuts my voice out at inopportune moments. But I still use it to talk to people I otherwise would go a very, very long time without speaking to. Being back in Wisconsin doesn't allow me to see my family quite as often as I'd hoped - mostly because of my job. But thanks to having a phone, I can talk to them about crocheted turkey hats whenever I want. They love that.

2. Scented candles. There is something a little rank in the halls of our apartment building. It's the scent of old sweat, bad Chinese takeout, and garbage that needs to be tossed. No one has garbage bags in the hall, but the smell persists, and that was how our apartment smelled when we moved in. Scent is a peculiar thing, in that it can really make you uncomfortable. Yeah, maybe you get used to it, but it still unconsciously rubs you the wrong way. Pumpkin spice and cinnamon have at last become the dominant smell in here. I can breathe easy now.

3. Rømmegrøt. It's a Norwegian pudding, a Thanksgiving staple in my family. It basically consists of flour, butter, cream, and sugar, with a sprinkling of cinnamon. So, you know, it's good for you. The recipes out in the world have many variations; apparently, the original rømmegrøt was made with sour cream. But I like my midwesternized Norwegian porridge, with heavy cream instead, next to a piece of lefse covered in butter and sugar. Dishes like that make me feel at home even when I can't be there for Thanksgiving (because of ridiculous working hours the next day, but that's a discussion for tomorrow).

4. Days off. I finally get two days in a row Sunday and Monday, for the first time since I started this job two months ago. I also get two days at the end of next week, so I'm extra spoiled. I still believe two days in a row every week is a perfectly reasonable thing that every full-timer should have. It's going to feel kind of weird to have that again, but I plan to enjoy the hell out of it. Because hey, who knows when I'll have another real weekend?

5. Family. I don't get to see them today, but I think I will soon. Yes, Spousal Unit and I could make it to one of our hometowns today, but driving six hours on my only day off and then working Black Friday is not something I relish. In the meantime, I still appreciate living closer to them than I have in three years. My side came to help us move in, and we had a blast hanging out together. Spousal Unit's family is coming this weekend for a post-Thanksgiving feast. And I include friends in that group, too: friends who are so close they're more like extra siblings.

A happy Thanksgiving to all of you - may you feast on some excellent tofurkey today.


  1. The "headdesk" is because you have to work on that most vile of days: "black Friday." Boo!

  2. Pumpkin Spice (Yankee?) Candles and Rommegrot!! Are we related or what???


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