Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Trashy Books (and a Movie to Match)

Remember back when I posted about those terrible books that people who shop the bookstore's clearance section don't even want?

I have some more disgusting surprises for you today. Starting with...

Single Dad Seeks a Wife is part of a whole series of books about - surprise - single dads. Apparently this is a niche fantasy out there that is popular enough to warrant an entire collection of ridiculous, unbelievable fantasies about inexplicably rich, handsome men raising kids all by themselves. Because single parenting is such a glamorous lifestyle, right? For example: this installment by Melanie Milburne features a "gorgeous" cop as the single father and a "feisty" Australian doctor as the love interest. The summary says they get together because Feisty Doctor realizes Hot Cop "needs her help."

In his pants, I'm sure.

Texas Glory's main characters are named Buck Star and Honor. What else do you really need to know? The summary gets better, though it's hard to beat names like that. Buck apparently seduces his wife's best friend - you know, just because - and he "sowed a harvest of misfortune that he would later be forced to reap."

Really, Elaine Barbieri. You had me in stitches at Buck Star. Also, the people on the cover are laying on the Texas flag. I'm pretty sure the Texans would execute you for that.

This last treasure I have for you today is not a book, but I couldn't resist sharing it. With Halloween this past weekend, lots of people were buying terrible horror movies that should be relabeled as comedies.

(At least, if you're into horror movies. I can't even laugh at Evil Dead. My usual routine is to completely freak out after the first scary scene, turn on all the lights in the house, and play music really loud - stuff that would probably repel bad guys. Then I usually wrap up in a blanket and sing along. Until 1 a.m. or whenever I pass out from exhaustion.)

One of the horrible movies someone bought was Plasterhead.

True evil has no face, people. Don't forget it.

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