Friday, September 2, 2011

The Least Girly Post About Shoes Ever

In high school and early college, I was a punk rock girl. At least, to a certain degree.

I had (still have) spiked black leather bracelets and a matching studded necklace to go with my studded belt. I had an awesome pair of pants that I wrote all over: quotes, phrases, and individual words that reflected who I was. And I was never without a great pair of knee-high boots to top it all off.

Spousal Unit mentioned my former sense of style not long ago, and I've been thinking about it ever since. I miss dressing like that. Yes, I love the beautiful skirts I have now, but I still long for the boots, especially. And I've been keeping an eye out.

Unfortunately, many of the skirts I now own are not compatible with buckle-ridden motorcycle boots. The skirts have all of these delicate threads underneath, holding various sequins and embroidery in place. Boots often catch on those threads and end up tearing the pretty decals from the skirts - not pleasant.

I learned this unfortunate fact with my current pair of boots: black with a chain across the top of the foot, and a small loop on the outer ankle. They have no buckles, but the zipper is what catches on the skirts. The tiny, tiny zipper. Which makes me wonder if there's hope of me finding skirt-proof, awesome boots. (These boots also have entirely cracked soles, and the heel is falling off. So I need new ones anyway.)

One pair that I really like so far (for style and price) is produced by Berlin. They lace up, buckle, and can even fold down at the top for a shorter boot. But... the buckles. And yes, I know I could just wear them with skirts that don't have threads all over the inside, but I love the skirt-boot combo.

The other problem with boots (and buying them online) is that I have very high arches and require lots of support in a shoe. Boots sometimes fail horrifically at that. That's why I'm considering Punkrose Queen, which look more like knee-high tennis shoes.

Unfortunately, I have to pay off bills before I can get any new boots, though I'll definitely get a pair before winter. I like having dry feet.

Along with all of this, I would love to rock the Ramona hair sometime soon. But that's not possible with my job situation right now. Maybe I could just get that style and use wash-out dye, but I'd like it to last a little bit longer. Someday, I will rock the punk again.

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