Monday, June 13, 2011

Today, I Intend to Not Do Much.

This weekend was exhausting but awesome.

Friday we went to visit most of my family - first time we've seen them since the wedding thing. It's good to know our dynamic hasn't changed much.

We went out, had a feast at a new restaurant (as in, it wasn't there three years ago when I was living in town), and spent Saturday lazily running errands. In the evening, we played Bananagrams together. It's nice to play a game like that and be able to use all the dirty words we want, if they come up, and not worry about what everyone will think.

Okay, so Mom still gives disapproving looks, but we know she won't quit playing.

After everyone else got tired of it, Spousal Unit and I played an intense game, with all the letters. We each had 72 to use up on one large set. Spousal Unit won, in that he finished first, and helped me finish mine. But I still think I should have won by merit of my awesome words.

Pedagogs, myopic, quixotry. Wonder how many people have ever used all of those in the same game.

When we said goodbye on Sunday, it was a nice feeling. It's the first time since New Mexico happened that we were able to say goodbye and know it's not for six months. We'll see each other again in two weekends, for the wedding re-party. I much prefer that feeling to the "see you sometime, in the future, I guess, but who knows when" feeling.

Following goodbyes, we went to Ripon and met up with college friends for some Ultimate frisbee.

Okay, that picture was after frisbee. We were all pretty rusty at first. Some of us wondered, what is this strange activity, that it makes us sweat and use our legs in a rather quick manner? Exercise? How strange. It's been years since any of us played on a regular basis. But it was still fun.

And by the time the group of high school boys showed up, we were plenty warmed up to kick their butts. Spousal Unit told them, "We're all about 30, so go easy on us." I think the oldest in our group was 27. I'm only 26. He does not get to tell anyone my age anymore. Not that I look anywhere near 30, but still.

At one point in the game, the high schoolers, retreating to the opposite end of the field, were talking about us as a team. One said something like, "Yeah, but the girl is actually..."

I was the only girl playing, and I'm going to assume he said I was pretty good. It's nice to know I've still got what it takes to play like that.

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  1. Crap! I have a non-word in my Bananagrams thing. Trivot means absolutely nothing. It should be trivet. Fail.


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