Monday, June 6, 2011


Today so far, I have successfully not set the alarm right and made two failed attempts to start blogging. It feels like a Charlie-Brown-trying-to-kick-the-football day already so far, so here are some pictures of our new surroundings.

I really hope I get it together before my interview.


  1. Lotta water!! Remember that book? Spousal unit seems to enjoy the water. Beautiful flowers. Looks lovely. How could you be discombobeled (Has to be a real word, they used it in Grinch. They could have said discombobulated but that wouldn't be nearly as funny) with all that beauty and your husband and friends, and family..........could be worse.
    Love, Pollyanna

  2. Is the Spousal Unit the one who always leaves a check in "headdesk"?

  3. Finnley - yes. Always, regardless of the post. (It's his favorite box.)


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