Friday, June 3, 2011

Getting There, Part II

Uff da.

We've made it. Spousal Unit and I are safely ensconced in the Madison area, with a phone alarm that apparently decided not to go off because I needed more sleep. (It was right.)

So far, all we've really seen is our friends' neighborhood - beautiful, green, and homey. We saw a woman walking alone, in the dark, on our way to their house, and I was thrilled. (It's one of many reasons I'm glad we're moving here.) I hope we get a place in a neighborhood so safe as this.

Ever since the beginning of college, I've had a special place in my heart for the color green. It's not my favorite color (blue and purple are), but especially when you're away from such vibrant signs of life, it's a comfort and an affirmation of sorts to be surrounded by it again. I didn't even care that we were covered with mosquitoes when we unpacked last night, in the dark - there was green all around and our journey was complete. It was delightful.

When I look out the front window now, I see more trees than existed in the park by our old apartment. I see tiny pink flowers and tall grasses. I see decorative bushes in brilliant bloom and a different kind of evergreen than New Mexico boasted.

And there are birches. I love birches. (All that greenery? Another reason I'm glad we've moved, if you couldn't tell.)

Today's goals: explore. Acquire a bank. See one of my sisters. Apply for some jobs. Fill out the writing exercise the people interviewing me on Monday have asked for. (Yes, I have an interview already and I've only applied for one job! Pretty good so far, huh?)

Not working is going to be so weird. I've been off for a week, but it hasn't seemed like it yet because of our frantic packing and driving. Hopefully I won't be jobless for long - it sounds like the economy is thriving here. But being jobless is another way in which I'll need to adjust to the craziness. You'll see more of that later - the adjusting and the craziness.

For now, I'm just going to take a deep breath of the glorious moisturized air and watch the squirrel outside my window, while listening to a cacophony of birdsong. And by the way, squirrels? Another reason I'm glad we've moved.

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