Thursday, June 2, 2011

Getting There, Part I

I just spent 20 minutes putting pictures up here on terrible hotel wifi and they all just disappeared. So you get no pictures today. I'll post a bunch later, when I'm not in the middle of nowhere and feeling more than slightly insane.

So. We're in the Ramada Inn in North Platte (ha), a place I highly recommend. Cheap, clean, nice rooms and a good breakfast in the morning. Also, quiet. And a tornado watch. Fun.

Today's drive was only somewhat interminable. There were three vehicles and four people in our caravan, and we had walkie-talkies to keep us company. There were also giant evil knights and landscape more interesting than the lint in your bellybutton (but not by much).

We took a new route this time. Usually, we go through Denver and then into Nebraska, but today we took a shortcut out of Trinidad. It was a shorter drive than usual, but parts of it were like playing Minesweeper: there were an incredible number of large-ish potholes littering the road for about 15 minutes. For a short while, I was hoping it would be more like Whack-a-Mole, but no such luck.

Our twin dragon trees, Kuzon and Khaaaaaan, are managing the trip quite well so far. I'll give you a formal introduction to them later. We managed to get almost everything in the cars with us - every inch of space is being used, and I even tossed a smelly car candle to make room for CDs. The last little bit is tucked safely away in storage for us to pick up one day. Hopefully once I've commandeered a job.

Friends and family eagerly await our arrival. We eagerly await the end of this long highway ahead of us, which will hopefully be almost devoid of orange cones and roadkill. I'd really hoped to give you a more interesting story today, but that just means you now have something to look forward to.

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