Friday, June 10, 2011


Yesterday I got all domestic with my bad self and made rhubarb crisp.

The friends whose space in which we're getting all up (just doesn't sound right with correct grammar, does it?) have this thing where they contribute to a co-op and get veggies and health care money in return. Love, love, love this idea. They get a weekly basket of random goodness from local farmers, and this week, there was rhubarb.

Hooray for rhubarbs!

I decided to make it into rhubarb crisp for them (okay, it was for me too), and talked my mom into sending me a recipe so I didn't have to go hunting for my cookbooks, which are probably in Chicago anyway. The recipe is way easy and I plan to make it repeatedly now.

Check out this shot of the rhubarb. If you enlarge it, you can see some of the little details. Kind of fascinating.

The gist of it is you pour chopped rhubarb in a dish, coat it with sugar, cinnamon and butter, like so...

Looks delightfully bad for you, doesn't it?

...Cover with a brown sugar, butter, and oat topping, and stick it in the Ovenator.

When it's done, you get a little something that looks like this.

Heavenly, right? It looks even better after it's been served and all the gooey goodness has dripped all over your kitchen counter.

Spousal Unit was a big fan from the first bite. I've been told I have to make much, much more of this delectable dessert, or suffer the consequences. (In other words, he'll pout.)

In retrospect, while it was a pretty good balance of tart and sweet, it could stand to have just a tad less sugar. Then again, I'm a big fan of tartness, so if you are less so, keep the recipe as is. The crumbly crispy topping was excellent. And, as always with such desserts, it's better warm, with a scoop of ice cream melting stickily into all the crevasses.


  1. The lol was for the Spousal Unit photo.
    : )

  2. Ouuuh! Looks tasty! i, too, quite enjoy the photos of J modelling everything you document...!

  3. Rhubarb. . . I remember that. Quite the midwestern treat. Rhubarb Pie. Yeap, had
    that back in the day


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