Thursday, October 24, 2013

Troy Noir, Private Eye

It was a crisp day in early October, one of those that makes you glad you wore long johns, and also makes you wish for something with a little kick to warm your belly.

I headed to the local joint to have a shot of whisky, but they were all out, so I had to settle for wine. I don't know why I go to that place. The wine made me look distinguished, but do I look like a guy who cares? I had bigger fish to fry. I was on the case, looking for the guy who skimmed my client in a ponzi scheme. Naturally, the cellar was the place to start, but my clues were few and the wine was weak, so I couldn't get the ideas flowing. I headed out back to see if I could find anything there.

Sure enough, this dame's out back. She has a smile like she knows things, right? Like she's there for more than just the wine. Any other PI would have fallen for it, but I was focused.

"What do you know about Paulson's set-up?" I asked her as she ran a hand through her red locks.

"Beg pardon," she replied, "But what makes you think I know anything? I'm just here for a drink."

She was good, this lady. Her lips were sealed, but some wine loosened them pretty quick. "Sure, I know what you're talking about," she said after a few glasses. "Paulson and I had other business together, but he cut me out of this one. If I give you the right clues, will you pay him back for me?"

I ain't in the business of killing, but this dame could be the end of me, I thought. "I'll lock him up for you, how's that?"

To be continued ...
Part II

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