Monday, October 28, 2013

Oh, Goatley...

Happy Monday! Are you the big goat or the little goat? This morning, my head felt like the little one.

I'd love another day off, but that would be greedy of me. I had a great weekend, with lots of reading, knitting, time with Spousal Unit, and a few hours of wool carding at the farm.

"You're not allowed to have better facial hair than me. C'mere, let me nibble it."

This is one of the sheep I helped shear in the spring...

...and this is the resulting wool, cleaned, dyed, and ready for carding.

I made seven rovings, which can now be turned into yarn!

I really like the cotton candy one. And the blue, purple, and green one.

Arranging the flower box cornucopia, just like my mama taught me.

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