Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Books I Want: Sorrow's Knot and Hyperbole and a Half

Today's a beautiful day in the neighborhood because there are some amazing books coming out that I've been anticipating for months.

Sorrow's Knot by Erin Bow

Bow's first book, Plain Kate, has totally enchanted my life. It's gorgeous writing (prosetry, more like) with a dark story and great characters. One of my favorite things about it was the shadow magic that was so crucial to the plot, which dark and creepy and everything I love in a ghost story. It's also why I'm glad Sorrow's Knot is focused on shadow magic.

Binders are women who tie knotted cords that are full of magic, and the goal of these cords is to hold back the uneasy dead, who dwell in shadow. Otter, whose mother was also a binder, anticipates becoming a binder until her power turns and begins to tear her apart.

Read some great reviews here, and if you're not convinced yet (which you should be), read an excerpt here.

Hyperbole and a Half by Allie Brosh

Hyperbole and a Half is a different kind of book entirely. These are collected stories from Brosh's blog (plus some great new stuff), all about her overimaginative childhood (and adulthood), Special Dog, Helper Dog, and a sneaky hate spiral (I hope). She draws artfully terrible pictures with MS Paint that illustrate the story and tell stories of their own. All of it combines for the kind of raucous laughter that should be reserved for the home, unless you want strangers at the bus stop to think you're crazy.

(They might think that already, but such laughter would just cement it for them. I say who cares - read it wherever your eyes will let you.)

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