Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me (Courtesy of Spousal Unit)

Spousal Unit is the best.

Yesterday started off with me forgetting my lunch. Spousal Unit had told me that he was working a later shift due to some West coast webinars, so we had driven separately. I called to ask him to put my lunch in the fridge, and he volunteered to bring it to me before he had to work. He brought it in, looking quite dapper in his work clothes, and hustled back out the door.

Shortly after that, word got around my department that I was taking today off because of my birthday. So people started saying happy birthday and wishing me well and asking what I was doing for my birthday, and because I'm quite an odd duck, I got a little stressed about it.

Don't get me wrong - I appreciated all the well wishes and that my coworkers care enough to pry because they want me to feel appreciated. I feel very lucky to have coworkers who pay attention to that kind of thing. But having all the birthday wishes burst forth when I'd almost managed to keep it a secret made me feel a little like Yzma.

Fortunately, about ten minutes later, a gorgeous bouquet showed up on my desk and my stress disappeared.

Hi Allison, Happy birthday eve! Love, Spousal Unit

But that was just the start of the best birthday ever from the best Spousal Unit ever. At the end of the day, I drove home, parked the car, and walked up the stairs to find this.

He knew that I wanted to spend my birthday at home, lazing around and enjoying some alone time, unlike for his birthday, when we both took the day off and hung out together. Any other spouse might be mildly offended at his significant other wanting to be alone on her birthday, but not this guy. I'd also mentioned how I was likely to spend at least part of my day off cleaning, because that's what I do.

He took Tuesday off, made up an elaborate story about why we had to drive separately, dressed up like he was going to work just to bring me my lunch, cleaned the entire apartment, decorated the whole place, and parked the car on the street so that I wouldn't have a clue about the surprise till I saw our front door.

Then, he gave me my presents early so that I could enjoy them on my day off. "The record player is freshly dusted," he said before he let me open my eyes to this.

Wine, a plush Snoopy, bubble bath, my favorite tea, and a Radiohead LP!

Later, I opened the fridge for something and saw a bottle of champagne. "Oh, that's for your mimosa tomorrow morning," he said. "You can drink it while I make you breakfast in bed."

My birthday has already been thoroughly amazing, thanks to the wonderful man I married.

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