Friday, November 23, 2012

Post-Thanksgiving Hibernation

For Thanksgiving this year, Spousal Unit and I had a pretty bizarre (but delicious) meal. At the last minute, we changed our main course to garlic tofu sushi (which may become the main dish every year - so easy!), with sides of twice-baked sweet potatoes and broccoli. For dessert, we had cranberry-glazed pumpkin pie and, of course, rømmegrøt. We followed that with a viewing of our movie, Princess Mononoke.

Today, I'm curling up inside while the occasional flake floats by the windows. I'll do some work, but I love staying in on days like this - especially when the outside world is all madness and obsession and Black Friday tramplings.

I'd rather stay in and try to conquer the demon in my sewing machine. Or look up weird cupcakes on the internets.


  1. Are the snowmen on the cupcakes based on Calvin and Hobbes?


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