Monday, November 12, 2012

The Batcave's Doomful Basement

Behold: the basement. I must warn you - what you're about to see may shock and/or disgust you. Put aside the cereal bowl.

As you can see, there are stains on the carpet from bodies being dragged downstairs. I can only imagine it's from the life juices seeping out of them.

These crooked supports make me worry a little. Plus, you can't tell, but the lowest beams are only about six feet from the floor. (I left the date on these pictures just in case someone found my bludgeoned body and they were wondering when I was murdered. Hopefully, the murderer would leave the camera behind. Anyone who murders in this basement isn't after the camera, methinks. They're just after my sweet, sweet blood candies.)

The gateway to the storage area. Note the storage room door, strategically removed from its hinges.

Our lovely storage space. The wall spot on the left is a bit of graffiti; the streak in the corner is mold. Below the empty forklift skid is a hole in the floor, covered with rocks. Obviously, we have the most recent interior decorating updates.

Luckily, we're not planning to keep anything valuable down there. And I'm glad our apartment doesn't anywhere near resemble this.

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