Monday, May 7, 2012

Menagerie of the Bizarre

Today, I have some pretty weird stuff for you. Like this plastic, upside-down half-lobster, found on someone's front steps as I walked to work one day. Because this is Wisconsin, and of course someone would have a lobster on their front porch. It's one of our major industries.

Or cranberries. I always get them mixed up, because duh, they're both red.

Here's my sister, impersonating Lady Wisconsin. (Click to enlarge; they're both pointing the same way, but Chloe does not have a badger on her head.)

Here's a close-up of Lady Wis.; not bad for a dinky little camera. She totally has a helmet and a badger on her head. Or maybe a three-headed turtle. But a badger makes more sense. Which is also weird.

Here's Lady Wisconsin again, on top of the capitol. Oh yeah, and Lady Forward, who thinks she knows where she's going. Which one does the government actually follow, I wonder? (Methinks it's the wrong one right now, whoever it is.)

"Follow me!" "No wait, this way!"

This picture is from the night I took down the Giant Anarchist Carrot Rooster of the Tropics (who was tormenting Madison) with only a golf club. You (yes, you, dear reader!) can recreate my magnificent adventure when you visit Vitense Golfland. But nothing can replace seeing my astounding feat in person. Maybe I'll tell you all about it one day, but to satisfy your chickeny desires for now, have some of this.

Last but not least: probably the best picture I took all day at New Glarus: it's artistic and modern. I must have Jeph Jacques's Butts Disease.

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