Friday, May 18, 2012

Excellent Spring/Summer Gifts

At this time of year, when I knit/crochet gifts for people, I always get a little flustered. It's not the right season for scarves, hats, and mittens, so what do you do?

You do this.

Rock Island by Jared Flood

I love the intricate details on this shawl! Lightweight, lacy shawls are perfect for summer days when you're wearing cool clothing, but are making a trip to an air-conditioned joint. Then you don't have to carry around a big, bulky sweater.

Unfortunately, this beauty is made with lace, which takes quite a while to knit up. Gifts are often last-minute surprises, but you still want to put effort and thought into it.

I love projects that allow you to choose your own color scheme. Imagine this in red and black, or maybe orange, blue, and yellow. So many possibilities - plus, the original colors are eye-catching and really pop! This bag is crocheted with Lily Sugar 'n Cream yarn - great for quick, durable projects.

What if you're making a gift for a guy? I always have trouble coming up with things guys will like - summer makes it twice as hard!

Tiny Cthulhu by Amber

If he's a Cthulhu fan, no problem!

Same if he plays video games - you can always find a Pac-Man to stitch up.

Ms. Pac-Man Amigurumi by Allison Hoffman

If you're knitting up a gift that needs to be versatile and ready to give to anyone, at any time, I highly recommend this beautiful piece.

Run Away! by Knitting Magic Girl

Everyone loves a killer bunny.

But maybe not as much as bacon.

Bacon and Eggs Pillow by Tamara Kelly


  1. I've been eyeing up that shawl pattern myself. It is a thing of beauty.

  2. That type of shawl would be great for my mom...she always gets cold at the movies. The bacon and eggs pillow is too funny!!



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