Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Can't Brain; Have Dumb

Yesterday, I was planning on cutting myself some slack and not posting a full blog. I still wanted to put something up, though, so I construed a wee paragraph or two and added a picture.

Then the internet crapped out for the rest of the day. Not even a blip of signal.

On top of that, my day was pretty similar to the above image. I got little sleep, forgot to eat for eight hours, bawled in a shrink's office, and learned that skim milk does not a custard make. (The latter one was, in fact, pretty gross.) Needless to say, I'm glad it's today now, and not yesterday again. Worst Groundhog's Day ever, if that were to happen.

It was obnoxious and disheartening to miss my first blog post since I started this thing, but today I take heart. Today, I will have had more than 10,000 page views since I started this lovely thing a year and a half ago.

My sincere thanks to those who have followed me on this bizarre and exciting journey. Here's hoping it takes even less time to reach 20,000 page views.

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