Monday, May 14, 2012

Cupcakes, Whips, and Transplants, Oh My!

Yesterday, I got the most glorious cupcake ever, from Market Street Diner.

Spousal Unit picked a chocolate one, and I picked vanilla. When we asked the counter-lady for them, her response was, "Do you want them with or without filling?"


Hells yeah. The frosting on top was creamy and perfect, and the cake was soft and moist. Perfect cupcakes.

Unfortunately, I cut this in half with all of the filling just on one side of the cupcake, and about 30 seconds after taking this picture, the filled half plopped onto the carpet, frosting down. The two halves must have had a symbiotic relationship. But I was able to salvage the cupcake and most of the frosting - hooray!

Other good things that happened this weekend:

We now own Indiana Jones, and spent an evening with The Last Crusade.

A robin started building a nest above our porch light.

(Video is sideways, but still full of nesting bird.)

He later abandoned the project, as the nest didn't seem to congeal well in that spot. But today, he's returned a couple of times - maybe the new suet cake and freshly transplanted primroses convinced him this is a good place to raise hatchlings. (He's in for a rude awakening when we go out to the porch with our beers.)

Speaking of freshly transplanted things, remember Kuzon and Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! ?

(You met them here)

After days of careful deliberation, they decided they wanted to be separated. The K's have been growing together for about three years now (maybe even four), so we weren't sure they would survive the operation. I admire their bravery, especially after seeing how much root they had - coiled and coiled on the bottom of the pot. After a much shorter surgery than anticipated, they are now living happily in separate pots... but they still like to be close to one another.

And, because I know you're wondering, Khaaaaaaaan! is on the left. Kuzon is on the right.

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