Thursday, October 27, 2011

Things You Will Like, Including Cats and Nathan Fillion

I've got a lovely bunch linky-nuts - deedly deedly... and those are what I'm sharing with you lovely readers today. Grab your favorite beverage for washing down links (so long as it won't get you drunk before work) and click away!

A great PSA from the Nerd Machine about how to avoid everyone showing up as Princess Leia at the next cosplay party. I have that problem every time I go anywhere. (Personally, I get a little revolted at people picking out costumes just based on sexiness. Put some freakin' thought into it. If you like the guy character better, dress as a guy. It's not all about the booty, you know.) Also, be sure to watch all the way through for Nathan Fillion's little PSA at the end.

The most interesting cat in the world. Based, of course, on the most interesting man in the world.

A somewhat horrifying fight between a mongoose and a cobra. This is in someone's house. Someone who has a daughter and lots of stuffed dead things. (The two are not related.)

Some wonderful poetry by my former professor, David Graham. I love the feel at the end of these: the fullness of spirit that regardless says there is room for more.

A recipe for instant Russian tea, though I think we called it Gypsy tea when I was a kid. Ah, casual racism... The link was shared with me by my friend-sister Finnley, who provides awesome-fun posts like this on a regular basis. With more pictures.

An awesome house, featuring a plethora of pumpkin lighting, This is Halloween, and someone with too much time on his/her hands. (Thank you for having too much time on your hands, person.)

And finally, misunderstandings with parents and auto-correct. Some of these are really, really terrible. Be prepared to see all kinds of words and maybe laugh till you literally ROTFLOL.

A last thought: I was eating those little Halloween pumpkin candies yesterday, along with pumpkin seeds. Something feels a little ironic about that.

I'm off to inspect another apartment. I hope the neighborhood isn't creepy.

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