Thursday, October 6, 2011

May the Force be With You on Your Exploration of Strange New Worlds

I'm a big Star Wars fan. Have been since I was in fifth grade, when I first saw the movies. They shaped my world. I wore a Princess Leia costume to the first showing of Episode I, and I spewed movie quotes in every direction, even in class.

BUT. I'm a big Star Trek fan, too.

At work the other day, I heard two young nerds exclaiming loudly, as they ransacked the Star Trek novels, that it's impossible to be a fan of both the final frontier and a galaxy far, far away. I've yet to hear a good reason why people think this so mistakenly. I have no problem loving phasers and blasters, warp speed and hyperspace, shielding and reckless abandon.

Before seeing Episode III in theaters, we had a Star Wars marathon, watching everything in release order (except we only watched the pod race in Phantom Menace, because no one can stand that much Jake Lloyd). Yet on my honeymoon with Spousal Unit, it was a day-long Star Trek marathon we reveled in (Next Generation, of course).

I can understand preferring one over the other. I have those moods myself. Sometimes I need Han Solo's rogue heart and the mystery of the Force, ignoring the ridiculousness of midichlorians. At others, the cure for my longing is some intense science and a little bit of impossible time travel that I'm going to pretend is attainable. I have to say, the one thing I definitely prefer about Star Trek is that there are so many glorious episodes to see, as opposed to the Star Wars original trilogy. But that doesn't change my love for each work overall.

Perhaps some people are just more obsessed with science and reason (in space) as opposed to blowing TIE fighters to smithereens in the name of the Rebellion. Perhaps some prefer the religion of the Force to the exploration of strange new worlds that might kiss you or kill you at every turn.

Personally, I'm willing to live the life of a scoundrel and an explorer at the same time.

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