Friday, September 27, 2013

Running Down a Fishy Dream


I dreamt last night that I had decided to run from Chicago to Madison (which is a really bad idea for me), and I encountered a car that had a fishing pole sticking out into the "running lane" on the highway. It was complete with a dead fish hanging from the end of it.

I was upset, so naturally I grabbed the pole off the back of the car, intending to give it to the owners to put elsewhere. But I seem to have forgotten that I can't run as fast as cars can drive on the highway. So the car drove off, and I turned back to Chicago, pole and fish in hand.

I came near Spousal Unit's parents' house, and stopped at a second-hand boutique. By this point, the fishing pole was collapsed to about one foot long, with it and the fish in a ziploc baggie. I set it down in the boutique while I tried on some clothes - the owner didn't turn me away, despite my sweatiness.

Turned out that the boutique had a whole bunch of my old toys that Mom had donated. How they ended up in Chicagoland, I have no clue. I wanted to buy back a bunch of it, but I had to run home (despite the car waiting for me at the in-laws).

That was when I noticed that the fish and pole were gone, leaving the confines of the plastic baggie behind. I searched everywhere, but to no avail. The shop owner was very apologetic, but for some reason, I suspected that one of the other customers at this borderline fancy boutique had a particular interest in abandoned fish and the implements of their capture.

Unfortunately, I could prove nothing. So I ran off into the sunset, feeling guilty for accidentally stealing someone's dinner and fishing pole.

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