Monday, September 30, 2013

Government Shutdowns and Sky-High Cats

Hey look! Another mish-mash of recent happenings. I'll be expanding upon a few of these later in the week.

I made eggplant parmesan for the first time last night. It was much easier and more fun than I thought it would be (both good signs, as I haven't been very into cooking lately). It was a simple matter of baking the breaded eggplant and making some sauce.

Spousal Unit and I found a three-tier cat tree near a dumpster. It had been rained on, but we let it dry in the sun and gave it a thorough cleaning. The cats seem to like it so far, though Oberon is still more of a ground-based kitty.

Last week at work, someone used "thru." In a professional report. I headdesked so bad.

Another item in my work week: someone emailed saying that if the government shuts down, she'll have to send her report on Monday instead of Tuesday. That should not be a serious sentence. I feel like "If the government shuts down" should be the start of a joke, not a qualifier that alters how work is done.

Chances are good that I will win my first fantasy football game this week, unless the Saints fall in a sinkhole and are never heard from again. I'm crossing my fingers that that doesn't happen.

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