Friday, September 20, 2013

Frightened Rabbit and The National: Part II

Part I

One of the coolest things about Bloodbuzz Ohio was in the theatrics. Behind the band, a screen depicted, for the most part, live video of  the band in abstract. But for Bloodbuzz, they used a feature that looked like blood cells creeping across the screen. The band was also cast in red by overhead lights, making them individual cells on stage to match the screen. Then, white light swept across the audience in a beautiful contrast.

Aside from the fact that the lights were sometimes so bright that I had to close my eyes, the theatrics were wonderful. (No thanks to the idiot or two who started smoking during the concert. Inside the Orpheum.)

Lead singer Matt, about halfway through, tossed a drink cup into the crowd. Between songs, one of the twin guitarists asked him about it. "It was a plastic cup," said Matt, "with a few drops of white wine in it. That's totally punk rock."

He went on, pausing between each sentence. "They don't let me have glass anymore. Or machetes. That only happened once, though. I sent all the parts back."

The other guitarists said something about starting the next song, lest Matt go on and on. But I loved that little bit of ramble - it was something I would have said on stage, out of either nervousness or my awkward sense of what counts as human interaction.

Their encore was an absolute delight, and perhaps the most energetic part of the show, ending with acoustic guitars and all the band mates aligned at the edge of the stage. They sang Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks, all concert-goers singing along.

It was a beautiful ending.

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