Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Strange Conglomeration: Week 2 Highlights

It's been an interesting week. We hung up our first Halloween decoration.

I found The Most Gorgeous Tomato in the World. (On the inside, at least.)

Titania decided to become a heating specialist. She's been randomly taking apart the baseboard heaters while playing with her catnip mouse.

And I made beet chips for the first time. Here's a brief tutorial on how not to make beet chips.

1. Pay attention to the timer.

2. If the timer goes off while you're on the phone with your mom, set it again instead of thinking, I'll remember to take them out when we're done talking. Moms are understanding like that.

Edit: I have no idea why I dubbed this post "Week 2." There is no earthly reason that this could be considered Week 2 of anything at all. Even in football, this is the end of Week 3. I am very confused by my brain.

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