Monday, July 8, 2013

Garage Sale Win

On Saturday, I was an excellent shopper - an unusual occurrence. I found the watermelon mint iced tea I've been wanting, despite the fact that it wasn't with the other teas. I found a nice cushion for our wicker patio chairs, which are coming unraveled; the cushion was on clearance because one of the ties was broken. (I'm not planning to use the ties, but if that changes, I can sew, yo.)

After that, I decided on a whim to hunt for a garage sale. Being a Saturday in July, it didn't take me long to find one. The people were incredibly nice, and I immediately found a gorgeous piece that I liked: a white entertainment stand, with double-decker drawers that pull out. The lady commented on how much she liked my outfit (a skirt, tank top, and shawl), which was very sweet of her.

I paid and went home without it, planning to return on Sunday because Spousal Unit was off with the bigger car. Later in the evening as I was going for a walk, a truck randomly pulled up beside me. It was the couple running the garage sale.

"I said we better pull over, because I recognized the pretty lady who came to our sale!" she exclaimed, very bubbly. "I set aside that cabinet for you; see you tomorrow morning!" She waved and off they went.

It was rather strange, but also very nice. It's not every day a stranger calls you pretty without being creepy about it.

The next morning, Spousal Unit and I looked around for a while. I wore shorts and a t-shirt, since I would have to move things around, and had pulled my hair back. (Translation: I looked rough.) The cabinet was set off to the side, just as she mentioned.

"Is it alright if I go over there and show him the cabinet?" I asked the lady, not wanting to intrude on her yard.

"Actually, that's been sold already!" she said.

"Yes, you sold it to me!"

Her mouth fell open. "Oh, gosh, I didn't recognize you! You were so fancy yesterday!"

The truth was, I'd worn my rattiest skirt on Saturday.

"I'm a person of many faces," I said honestly.

We took home the cabinet...

A cassette/CD/record/stereo/MP3 player...

And a fun piece of musical art for $19.

Garage sales are the best.

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