Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Collage, Craft, Color

Last weekend, I finally didn't have to go anywhere. It was glorious to not sit in the car for hours, waiting to arrive at some distant destination. It meant I got to clean the house a little and have time for fun things like art.

I discovered a pile of old fortunes that I'd kept in my wallet. There were nine that were clearly happy and positive, so I decided to arrange and frame them.

I have an old dictionary for art purposes, so I tore out the page with the definition for fortune and applied a layer of green watercolor paint. After it dried, I used double-sided tape to attach the fortunes, drew on it with marker, and mounted the whole thing on a piece of cardstock. I love how it turned out. (Click to enlarge and read the fortunes!)

Continuing that trend, I painted several more dictionary pages with watercolors and cut them into squares after drying. I folded each to look like this little guy, again using double-sided tape to hold it all together.

After taping the folded squares into a circle, I found some white pipe cleaners (green would have been ideal, but white will work), threaded a cameo button to the middle, folded the pipe cleaner in half, and pushed the pipe cleaner through the center of the blossom. Now I have permanent flowers for my desk at work, which I will put in a clear jar full of colorful rocks. (This isn't the tutorial I used, but I think it's the same general idea.)

Last but not least, I did some coloring with a friend while watching The Neverending Story. All told, it was a pretty awesome weekend. And it was fun to put my art on the fridge.

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