Friday, April 19, 2013

Tall and Resolute by The Summarily Dismissed

I heard a great song on the radio last weekend, but I've had trouble finding a full online version to listen to. The song is Tall and Resolute by the Summarily Dismissed. You can hear a clip of it on Pandora, and it is available on iTunes.

It's a fun, jazzy tune, and I love the melody. But my favorite thing about it is that it's paired with great lyrics, too. (My friend Joe talks about the connection with much more authority than I.) The song is about a woman who is... vertically challenged. You can read the full lyrics here, but my favorite lines are as follows.

I call myself a femme fatale, but other folks refuse
And say I'm just cute
'Cause I'm not tall and resolute

Mostly, I love that the word "resolute" is rhymed with throughout this song. The words are intelligently chosen.

Speaking of music, I plan to do a post next week of all the songs that randomly popped into my head this week. I highly doubt there will be any connection between them, but we'll see.

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