Friday, April 5, 2013

Holy Random Fruitcake, Batman!

It's been a while since I provided you with a bunch of random links. Here you go.

 - A look at what the things that don't kill you actually make you feel and do: What Doesn't Kill Me

- Quotation marks in weird "places": Unnecessary Quotes

- Some books do not belong in libraries. Others might be surprisingly awesome to discover: Awful Library Books

- My friend Joe has been on a role with his blog posts lately! "Sexy and I Know It" Is a Great Song. Seriously.

- Fonts can be annoying even if you're not a literary nerd: The Font Police

- There's nothing quite like corresponding with your mom... Some of these made me laugh till I cried: Postcards From Yo Momma

- I love these stoneware tea cups with a faux metallic glaze: Osaka Black Metallic Tea Cup

- The Oatmeal has a great series of literary posters. I'd love to put these up at work: How to Use an Apostrophe

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