Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Cat Plant Fever

My cat is a plant fiend.

The bedroom has become a veritable jungle of plants, every surface littered with them. Spousal Unit and I keep the door closed so that she doesn't destroy them. There are a select few plants in the living room with which she has no qualms, but I'm really eager for the day when I feel comfortable putting the plants out on the deck. (Yes, we're still at risk for snow.)

As it stands, we've tried several times to let the wee ones in the bedroom at night. Oberon is a gentlemanly feline, content to curl up at the end of the bed or on a discarded pair of pants for the night. He does have his faults, of course (deciding, at  2 a.m., that the world is dirty and must be cleaned, and licking it all with his industrial-strength tongue), but Titania is the real culprit.

In the middle of the night, she'll get up and start munching the plants. We have not yet gotten through a night without her green hunger awakening, and thereby waking us. The cats get kicked out and we try again another night. I've tried a cat grass plant before; they ignored it and then knocked it over.

Look at this poor thing. I'm just glad dragon trees are so resilient.

How can she be such a terror one moment, and so sweet the next? The world may never know.

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