Monday, April 15, 2013

Baa-sking in Cute

One day, you are all going to be so sick of farm pictures. But that day is not today, because I have lamb pictures. For some reason, lambs like containers, so these little spotted guys are hanging out near (and in) one.

My main purpose in going to the farm was to work with wool, but new lambs are a bit time-consuming (and adorable) so I didn't do all that much with fluff. But I did make the blue and brown ball of roving, which is ready to be spun into yarn or used for needle felting. Turned out decent for my first one!

These two were only a few hours old when I met them! Their names are Simon and Sigfried. (I went *squee* in my heart so many times while I was there.)

A few of the lambs have to be bottle-fed. Some lost their mother during birth, and some are just so cold in this awful spring that they have to be reminded that food is awesome.

This tiny fuzzball is one of the oldest this season at two weeks. But she's the runt of the litter, and while others have grown to twice her size, she's smaller than my cats. I got to bottle-feed her and carry her inside to get warm in the wood box.

It's impossible not to love that little face.

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    The tiny little bebeh is sooooo cute!


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