Friday, April 22, 2011

Stuff You Could Buy

The craft fair at which I have a booth is now a week away. I'm nervous to have a booth, but I hope someone will think my items worth purchasing.

For good merchandising, I've created tags with my logo.

On the back, there will be information about each item for sale.

So far, I've got 12 items to sell and am working on another. My goal was to have 10 to 15, so I'm doing well. Here's one of the scarves, in the same style as I made for Spousal Unit's mom last year.

I love the super-colorful trim on the edge of this one. Trim is alpaca, and the body is acrylic.

Remember the flowered wristlet I made? I made a few more of those in other colors, all in baby alpaca.

The purple shawl with the gold coin-like edging is the crowning piece, but this one comes close, too. The orange is mostly merino, and the edging is wool.

Close-up of edging.

I've put a lot of work into this so far, and if I got this much made in a month, imagine what I could do with more notice.

But I've already decided that after this craft fair, I'll be putting my crafts on the back burner for a while. I'll still do them on a regular basis, while watching movies or something, but it's time to bring the writing back into focus. I believe they call that prioritizing. Hopefully this will succeed; I tried once before to scale back on the yarn crafts and failed miserably.

This time, though, I'm more determined. I'm going to rock those words.


  1. I LOVE the orange shawl. It's kind of awesome.

  2. Thanks! I had fun with the color combo on that one.


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