Friday, April 8, 2011

Sadie, the Bookstore Kitty

This is Sadie, the beautiful and talented bookstore kitty who keeps me company in the dungeons of the bookstore (aka the back). She comes and pesters me every morning to pay attention to her - she doesn't have to try very hard.

When she first moved in at the bookstore, she was terrified (as all small kitties are in strange new surroundings). I had house-sat her before though, and I think having another familiar person around helped her adjust. Now she loves being petted by customers and even joins the older group of kids for story time.

My devious plan was to post a video here of her enjoying her favorite pastime. Unfortunately, this blog host continues to be stupid and I had to create a youtube account just to post this video. Seriously, I tried twice to upload it here, and nothing happened. This makes me rather not pleased. I have a life too, evil blog-host. I guess that's one more point for The Universe. If this post looks sloppy, it's because I'm beyond the point of caring anymore and I really need to get some caffeine.

Anyway. Go here to see Sadie being adorable. I promise to post something more substantial on Monday.

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