Friday, April 29, 2011

Books I Want: Green and The Beatles Cookbook

I've never read Jay Lake before, but I've heard a lot about him, and this book looks incredible. The writing in the first chapter is very deliberate, squeezing in tons of information without making it an overload.

It's about a girl who doesn't remember her name, who is sold by her father to become a courtesan and an assassin. That right there is all I need to go holy crap I need to read this! There is also magic in this book, and gods who meddle with people (think Greek myth).

I found this book on our sale table at work. We've been clearing out lots of used books and sometimes little gems like this pop up. I bought it right away. I haven't actually made any of the recipes yet, but it's good as a humor book too. There are recipes like With a Little Help From My Frankfurters, I've Just Stuffed a Steak, And I Love Herb, I Saw Her String Beans There, I Am the Eggplant, We Shall Shrimp and Save... You get the idea.

There are little tidbits to go with each recipe, plus extra trivia about The Beatles and pictures throughout. There's a two-page spread on John Lennon and the number 9, a list of the artists who've covered Day Tripper, and the history of the song Eleanor Rigby. The list goes on, as does the book. I think we may have to have a Beatles-themed move-in party after we get a place in Wisconsin.

My favorite recipe title so far? Penne in the Squash With Onions (after Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds).

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