Monday, June 24, 2013

The One Where Rachel and Max Get Married!

Last weekend, my sister Rachel married her loving partner of ten years, Max. It was wonderful to see the two of them so happy.

The dress her mom made (by hand, composed of two different patterns!) was gorgeous and perfect for her.

It was also wonderful to take some great pictures, like this one of Max breaking the glass at the end of their ceremony. Mazeltov!

The decorations were exquisite.

I got some priceless shots of her screaming at how much it tickled when Max removed the garter.

Spousal Unit got his dance on pretty hard.

And Rachel danced with her daddy.

The weather was amazing all day. Everyone was sure it was going to get rained out - the radar was red for pretty much all of Wisconsin for Saturday. Instead of rainy, it was slightly overcast and cool during the ceremony, while we were outside. A dozen drops fell right after, and then the sun came out while the party took pictures. It was the perfect turn of events, leading to this wonderful sunset - their first as a married couple.

May the sun never set on your love.

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