Friday, June 28, 2013

How Does My Garden Grow? Fast!

I've decided that my favorite thing about growing plants is getting something out of them in the end. This means no more silly houseplants that are just green will enter my domicile. Sure, plants of all types are great, but it seems I can't be bothered to care for them if they're not going to care for me.

My second favorite thing about plants is seeing them grow so quickly. This is my amaryllis bulb. A week ago, it was an inch tall. Now, it's three.

My big basil plant, purchased several weeks ago, is moving along at a fast clip. (Don't worry - I plucked the flowers off right after this picture.)

My paste tomatoes are growing quickly, too - though to be fair, that tomato had a head start when I got it from my CSA.

And the newest addition - another basil, this one from the CSA - is tiny, but going places. I can tell.

Some people might be disappointed to get a second basil plant. I think that's silly. We eat pesto and caprese like mad in the summer, if we have enough basil. If I had ten basil plants and nothing else, I would still be happy.

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