Monday, June 3, 2013

Random Old Stuff

Spousal Unit and I stopped at an antiques place this weekend. It was so full of stuff that I couldn't find its name on the building, and it's not on the Googles. But it's on highway 11/14 about 10 minutes east of Janesville - it might be the General Antique Store in Emerald Grove.

We found some awesome treasures there. The first date I could find in this German bible was 1714, which I knew couldn't possibly be correct, or it would be falling apart in my hands.

The shop owner said it was late 1800s. Still very impressive - it had a wooden cover. I'd have bought it in a heartbeat if I had any cash.

This is also the home to Ed Gein's second headstone.

The room full of old books was pretty neat, and among them was a copy of Wisconsin Alumnus from 1957: "The University of Wisconsin in an Atomic Age."

It was a good way to spend some time on a Sunday afternoon.

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