Friday, December 21, 2012

Snow-Day Adventures

Last weekend at the in-laws, I had fun taking artsy photos of Christmas stuff.

Yesterday in the blizzard, I had a different kind of fun. Spousal Unit and I tried to make a snowSpock on our deck, boldly going where no snowman has gone before.

Unfortunately, it ended up looking more like a female snoworc.

About halfway through the storm, we decided to clean off the car so there would be less to do in the morning. I think we cleared off at least a foot, and by the time we were done and had shoveled around the car, there was another half an inch on it already.

After an unsuccessful walk to the grocery store (in that the store was closed), we huddled inside to eat potatoes and gravy and hang some pictures on the wall. It was a good snow day.

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