Friday, December 14, 2012

Holiday Cards for Procrastinators

For those of you who are excellent procrastinators and like to send Christmas/holiday cards at this time of year, I have a treat for you. But I'm short on time, so we're going to be snappy about this.

Fox in the Snow by sleepingfoxstitchery 

This little guy is just adorable.

Snowflakes With Peace Signs by HeartstringCards

How the holidays should be celebrated.

 Sphynx Hanukkah by TheOtherMothers

Okay, these guys are slightly creepy.

Zombie Santa Holiday Card by MonkeyMinion 

Never mind. Zombie Santa is creepier.

Christmas Santa Skull Card by HorseAndHare 

This guy is just awesome.

Assorted Card Pack by CMSStationery

A good one for fans of Elf.

Who wouldn't love a TARDIS for Christmas? Especially wearing a Santa hat.

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