Thursday, December 6, 2012

Eclectic Electric Sunrise

I was thrilled to see this outside my window this morning - a hot pink streak of awesome. Shortly after this picture, the sunrise faded and the sky became a mere gloom-filled expanse of clouds, from one horizon to the other. But I'm carrying this memory with me today, because I have to have something.

Other happy thoughts that will carry me to the weekend:

  • Tea with a good friend at my favorite tea house this weekend.
  • Staff lunch tomorrow - the only time of month I get to actually talk to my coworkers. (All the rest of the time we're just grammar freaks.)
  • The Christmas tree is up, so all I have to do to fill a room with a cozy, comforting glow is flip a switch.
  • There is still more Christmas to hang up, including some pretty blue lights.
  • Spousal Unit and I don't have to travel out of town this weekend - we can spend most of it relaxing at home.
  • Snow is forecast for Sunday - even if it's only a 50 percent chance, I'm going to cross my fingers for a snowy Sunday morning.
  • The apartment is clean. *sigh of relief*
  • I'm planning to make chapel windows, which most people just call stained glass cookies.
  • Spousal Unit? He still likes me.

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