Thursday, April 26, 2012

Swearing and Cross Stitch are a Great Combo

*Fair warning: Quite a bit more coarse language in this post than usual. Proceed with caution - and maybe a sharp stick.*

Subversive Cross Stitch is one of my favorite things about this version of planet Earth. If there are alternate universes, where subversive cross stitch does not exist, then I deem them dry, serious places where I would not care to dwell.

What exactly makes something subversive? I'd say it's three parts sarcasm...

Thanks For Sharing 

...and two parts ugly-ass frame.


I made this delightful one for a friend a few years ago - a phrase she commonly used at work when something bizarre happened.

This one hangs in my kitchen - I believe I've shared it before, but now you can see it again.

The Subversive Cross Stitch Flickr group has a crazy collection of awesome. There, everyone can post the happy, fun ideas they've come up with, based on commonly used phrases or lines from their favorite movies. The Tumblr page is similarly freaky/fun.

I've had lots of cross stitch ideas in the last few years, but little time in which to make them. Here, have a few. If you've never done this before and want to, check out the Subversive How To page - it's amazing. There are two keys to this, I think: a boring font and a really old-school doodle of some sort. Think early 1900s cross stitch sampler and you'll be on the right track.

Or, you can make it more modern.

  • Destruction is nice (featuring the Irken symbol, which would also make a nice tattoo...)
  • Danger Zone
  • Knock knock, motherfucker (featuring a chicken)
  • That's how you get ants. (Yes, more Archer. Pretty much every line from Archer would make an awesomely terrible cross stitch.)
  • It's like riding a psychotic horse toward a burning stable. (The Birdcage - yes, it's long, but think how happy you'd be seeing it each day as you head to work!)

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