Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Silly Circus

Today I bring you odd, weird, and otherwise bizarre things I found on Etsy. (Don't ask me how I found them; that will just raise awkward questions for both of us.)

How weird can it get, you may ask? Weird enough that there's an entire site devoted to failed Etsy projects - it's called Regretsy. The items I found aren't from Regretsy, but they're definitely strange, unusual, odd, and... interesting. (Warning: extremely creepy doll head in this post. I'm still not over it.)

For example, this lovely cat butt keychain.

Red Cat Butt Ornament or Keychain

Comes in any color you'd like! Doubles as a Christmas ornament! (I know I want a dozen of these on my tree.) This seller has many other bizarre projects (involving less cat butt) such as plush monsters and a pattern for a crocheted aviator hat, which is truly awesome. So, props on that. And on being able to sell cat butts.

I'm not so sure about this one, though.

Upcycled Doll Face  Cap Pendant - Harold

Nothing says terrifying quite like a bug-eyed disembodied head on a necklace.

Ugh. I can't even look at that one anymore. NEXT!

This one, I'm mostly curious about.

Prickly and Bizarre Barbed Wire Tumbleweed

This barbed wire tumbleweed is 18 inches across. How does the seller plan on shipping this? Very curious, very confused. Also, does that hand only have four fingers on it? Oh wait, there's the other one. Hm.

Screaming Baby Steel Refrigerator Magnet

The seller who makes these refrigerator magnets is very talented... I'm just not sure a screaming baby was an excellent idea. Especially when it looks like it's warding off monsters. Reminds me of zombie movies.

And the grand finale: Silly Songs with Larry.

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