Friday, February 17, 2012

A Fishy Shawl

A while ago, I bought a bamboo blend yarn called Jarbo Tropik. It's soft, silky, and bright blue.

I decided I wanted to do something awesome with it, as I was running out of fun projects and only had the more obnoxious ones sitting around (a certain sweater and quilt being two of them). But I didn't quite have enough for a large-ish project, so I dug deep into my stash box and came up with this lovely yarn.

I got it ages and ages ago, from Jimmy Beans Wool. Don't ask me what brand it is - all I remember is it's 100 percent bamboo. If you've never worked with bamboo before, do it: it's as soft as silk and much less expensive.

After coming up with the material, I needed a pattern. I found the Age of Brass and Steam kerchief/shawl on Ravelry, which looked simple and fun.

Awesome thing about this shawl (besides the fact that it will be soft and gorgeous) is that it will complete goal number four on my list of 25 things for the year: a shawl in a new fiber. I always love planning out a new project: it's creative, exciting, and makes me look forward to the crafting process.

Rather than doing one solid color, I decided on a striping pattern. The shawl will be mostly blue, with variegated orange stripes running through it. Like a goldfish in a lake.

Yeah, kinda like that. But with fewer teeth.

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