Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Letter to a Dictator in the Making

Dear Scott Walker,

I'm really trying to wrap my head around this. I am. But I just don't get it, and can't find any reliable Republican sources (meaning not Tea Party) who could explain it to me.

Please tell me why all but one Republican voted to remove collective bargaining at last night's shotgun meeting, rather than doing as they are required by their posts and voting the will of the people. I really don't understand why they would want to so completely demolish the opposition, when Wisconsin has been a swing state for years. Doesn't the Republican party have any interest in winning fairly? In properly representing the people, who are clearly not all Republican?

Please tell me why it wasn't good enough that the unions agreed to every fiscal element of the former budget bill. You insist that unions are a bad thing, by citing obscure examples, or examples taken out of context. The bottom line is this: teachers are not bad for the economy, and you are destroying 50 years of Wisconsin rights - so that your party can get ahead and stay ahead.

Please tell me why you've resorted to such underhanded tactics. Your two-hour notice of the meeting is only legal if it's "impractical" to give 24 hours notice. In the digital age, I would argue it's never impractical except in events of terrorism or the like - things that pose an immediate threat. This is the dirtiest I've ever seen politics get. I may be young, but I've still seen a fair amount of dirty politics. (Remember our last president?) It makes me sad that you want to resort to tricking the people you should be working with: the ones who wanted to discuss the budget bill with you, whom you refused. How can you feel good going to bed at night knowing that what you've done is borderline legal? Is getting unions out of your way all that matters?

Please tell me what you think will happen now. You can't honestly think it will be all sunshine and roses from here on out. Have you looked out your window recently? Have you seen all those protestors, who have been there from the start of this debate, who you've ignored? They wanted to tear you out of office before; I can't imagine what the feeling there is now.

Watch out, Mr. Walker. Some people will want to leave the state or stay far away from it. But my resolve is now set: I'm coming back to help kick you out of office, unless you can start explaining yourself - soon, and well.

I'll be the one with an enormous picture of you on my protest poster. You know, the one that looks something like this:


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  1. For over three weeks, WI Republicans argued that eliminating collective bargaining (except wage increases no greater than inflation) was essential to manage the state's budget shortfall. WI Democrats argued that the collective bargaining provisions were nothing more than union busting, trying to break the back of the Democratic party's largest contributor. Ironically, Republicans were able to circumvent the 20 senator quorum (19 Republicans were one shy of that number because the 14 Democrats fled the state when Walker refused to negotiate) by isolating the CB provision as a non-fiscal matter, in which case the 20 senator quorum need not be met.



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