Friday, March 11, 2011

Earthquake & Tsunami in Japan

There was an 8.9 magnitude earthquake in Japan early today, the worst ever recorded in Japan.

This link will show you some video of the destruction - walls of water topped with fire rushing toward highways, for example.

This article provides more in-depth information, such as is available thus far. Hundreds are dead. A ship with a hundred on board was washed away by the tsunami. Japan's earthquake-proof buildings shook.

There is information here about the quake and tsunami, and how to contact relatives and friends in Japan. There is a link on that page to donate also. As a friend of mine said this morning: don't assume someone else will donate. Do what you can to help.

Update: This article by the BBC provides good information, including some video and graphs. A passenger train is missing. The nuclear power plant that was evacuated has not suffered leaks so far.

Update: Tsunami waves have reached the West coast of the U.S. Docks have been destroyed and people swept out to sea. Here's some video from Japan of the aftermath.

Here's another way you can help those caught up in the disaster, through USAID Disaster Assistance. And another, by donating temporary shelter to those who have lost their homes.

Update: Five nuclear plants have decared emergencies.

Update 3/12: There was an explosion at the nuclear plant in Iwaki.

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