Monday, March 14, 2011

I Like Coffee, I Like Tea

Mostly, though, I like tea.

Coffee's great for those particularly lethargic mornings, or times when I feel homesick. Coming from a Norwegian Lutheran family, coffee is one of those bonding beverages. We drank it with dessert after dinner at home, pretty much every night, and whenever I visit my grandparents, we have a cup of brew and cookies while we talk, just like when I was little.

Except I had milk back then. And I was more interested in making a ghost story theater in the basement or building sand castles in the driveway than sitting around talking with the adults.

Anyway. As far as taste goes, I enjoy tea much more. Not to mention all the gorgeous tea sets that exist in the world. Someday soon, I hope, when Spousal Unit and I are no longer moving hither and thither like road runners on crack, I will buy myself a gorgeous tea set.

In the meantime, I have a solitary cup to keep me company.

My mom's Spousal Unit, formerly my German teacher (long story for a later post), asked what I would like from Germany on his next trip (with twenty raging, hormonal teenagers). I requested a tea cup with NO PINK SO HELP ME GOD. I don't do pink.

Ooh, pretty.

He and my stepsister picked it out. They did pretty darn well. Look at those elegant little flowers! And the scrollwork! And it's BLUE!

One of my favorite things about tea is watching it steep. So fun.

I like my men like I like my tea... in a cup.

The tea featured here was a gift from Mom and her Spousal Unit on their honeymoon trip to Germany - a fruit tea with some excellently rich flavors, with no aftertaste.

Not pictured is the Kandis they also brought home - German rock candy used to sweeten tea without hiding the flavor. It's divine stuff. Some local friends gave us, as a thank-you-for-housesitting-our-zoo gift, black chocolate tea from Virginia. The smoothest and richest (without being overpowering) black tea I've ever had - but the Kandis was a new fun thing too, so I added it. It's really amazing, the way it sweetens and actually enhances the tea's flavor at the same time.

It is Monday morning. I worked all weekend - granted, it was an easy weekend, but still. I think that means a cup of strongly caffeinated tea is in order for me.

Anyone have recommendations?


  1. I don't think there are any tea cups that I can fit into. Maybe I can borrow a bra? Who knows, maybe I'll like it and buy my own ;)

  2. Sorry, forgot to sign on the above comment.

  3. Right now, 3 pm Monday afternoon, I am drinking Ginger Peach Tea. Yum. Makes the cares of the world slip away, if only momentarily.


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